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Questionnaire for Technical Advice and Coating Selection

In order to cater your individual needs for high standard corrosion protection and anti fouling, we kindly ask you to read through and fill out below questionnaire as carefully as possible. This will allow us to select a bespoke coating solution to the best of SÄKAPHEN®’s knowledge based on decades of experience and a proven global track record. Your responses will, of course, be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for basing our suggestions. The responses in each field are limited to 108 characters! .
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Heat exchanger, condenser, vessel, storage tank, etc.
Chemical processing, vaporizer, water treatment, etc.
Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper nickel, brass, aluminum, etc.
Are all wedded parts made from the same material?
Is the equipment new or is it used and/or refurbished?
Does the applicator have to remove an old coating?
What type of old coating was applied? Please give type and exact brand name.
What is the highest temperature the equipment can be exposed to for cracking?
In- or outside, on site, in a fabrication plant, in an enclosed space, etc.
Please give exact chemical composition
Does the medium contain any solid/abrasives? Concentration?
Please give OPERATIONAL temperature (min./normal/max.), not design temperature!