SÄKAPHEN® heat-cured coatings offer high-end corrosion protection against all sorts of aggressive mediums. SÄKAPHEN® guarantees excellent protection against strongly acidic and strongly alkaline mediums, especially at high temperatures. SÄKAPHEN® heat...

    SÄKAPHEN® catalytic two-component coatings offer excellent protection against aggressive acidic and alkaline chemicals at up to 100°C in wet conditions and at even higher temperatures in dry conditions. SÄKAPHEN® catalytic...
  • Surface Treatment

    Due to their excellent product quality when it comes to coatings, SÄKAPHEN® was commissioned to develop a truly effective cleaning system for high voltage insulators...

  • ISO Tank Container

    SÄKAPHEN® coats insulated ISO Tank containers and big process vessels with approved SÄKAPHEN® heat cured coatings...


    SÄKAPHEN® is a 3rd generation family-owned company which stands for excellent quality and premium coating systems. SÄKAPHEN® distinguishes itself through its individual coating solutions for customer-specific requirements. The SÄKAPHEN® cleaning system completes the product range.

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    The SÄKAPHEN® laboratory continuously carries out resistance tests, refines its coating materials and develops new products. SÄKAPHEN® therefore stands for excellent quality in corrosion protection since 1954.

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    Competent SÄKAPHEN® expert advisers will help you to find a solution to the challenges you face when it comes to corrosion protection. The SÄKAPHEN® laboratory will carry out appropriate resistance tests to provide a tailor-made solution for both the coating material and the application solution.
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SÄKAPHEN® Eco Multifunction Lube 82.750 in the innovative 150 ml pump spray can, suitable as a lubricant, rust remover, corrosion protection oil, for cleaning and maintenance.

SAEKA Eco Multifunction Lube 82.750 is an environmentally friendly multi-purpose oil with a variety of applications in the automotive sector, industry and workshops, maintenance and repair, sports and camping, at home and in your garden. The innovative 150 ml pump spray can contributes the environmentally friendly nature of the product. The spray can contains 100% active ingredient and no gas propellant! With precision spray head.
SAEKA Eco Multifunction Lube 82.750 can be used as rust remover, cleaner, lubricant and as corrosion protection. It is biodegradable (test: OECD 301C 28 days> 95%) and can therefore be easily used in a working environment where high environmental soundness is a priority.

Due to its excellent penetration properties SAEKA Eco Multifunction Lube 82.750 allows quick and thus cost-effective application. This means saving time and working in an economically efficient way.


Examples of use:

  • SAEKA Eco Multifunction Lube 82.750 as a multi-function cleaner for lightly soiled ceramic, metal and other surfaces.

  • SAEKA Eco Multifunction Lube 82.750 as rust remover for rusted bolts, screws and hinges etc.

  • SAEKA Eco Multifunction Lube 82.750 as a lubricant for bicycle chains, door locks, precision engineering, ropes, door actuations, garden tools etc.

  • SAEKA Eco Multifunction Lube 82.750 as a multifunctional corrosion protection and care product which displaces moisture, protects sheets and tools from rust, cleans away grease residue without completely degreasing. Also suitable for weapons maintenance for electrical contacts, etc.


    Easy cleaning of a gym floor after it got contaminated with resin with SÄKAPHEN Eco-Multifunction Lube.


Appearance   clear, liquid
Colour   colourless
Odour   typical
Density at 15°C   app. 0,78 g/cm³

Viscosity at 20°C

  1,8 – 2,4 mm2/s
Flash point   > 72 ° C

Railway Infrastructure:

The mechanical cleaning effect combined with sealing to protected against re-contamination is one advantage over conventional liquid detergents for customers. This can save on cleaning and maintenance costs. The level of contamination depends on traffic volume. In urban areas, the savings effect when using the SÄKAPHEN® SAEKA-Cleaning Paste are very significant.

In railway infrastructure the main fields of application are:

  • Rail infrastructure:
    Cleaning the glass surfaces of signal lights and  enamel signs which are contaminated by brake dust and rust caused by iron wearing off. The SAEKA-Cleaning Paste is also used for cleaning thermoplastic plastic surfaces.

  • Maintenance of locomotives and railcars:
    Electrical insulators on the roofs of locomotives and railcars are moving targets for every kind of persistent dirt. The SAEKA-Cleaning Paste used in conjunction with the SAEKA-Silicone Grease cleans and seals insulators, allowing for failure-free rail traffic.

  • High-voltage networks:
    The high-voltage networks of the national railways have the same requirements as the electricity industry. Our cleaning products can be put to appropriate and effective in this area.


In the manufacturing industry, particularly in energy-intensive areas such as metal-processing plants and in the cement industry, the SÄKAPHEN® cleaning system is used for protecting capacitors. The areas to be cleaned are relatively small but the cleaning cycles with regular cleaning methods are very short because of the high degree of contamination.

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Power transmission:

The SÄKAPHEN® cleaning system increases the security of supply in electricity transmission networks, particularly by preventing flashovers. In addition, time spent on cleaning work can be considerably reduced due to the protective effect of the SAEKA-Cleaning Paste.
The use of SÄKAPHEN® cleaning system will allow the electricity industry a saving of 50-75% of their cleaning costs compared with conventional mechanical cleaning methods.


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