SÄKAPHEN® heat-cured coatings offer high-end corrosion protection against all sorts of aggressive mediums. SÄKAPHEN® guarantees excellent protection against strongly acidic and strongly alkaline mediums, especially at high temperatures. SÄKAPHEN® heat...

    SÄKAPHEN® catalytic two-component coatings offer excellent protection against aggressive acidic and alkaline chemicals at up to 100°C in wet conditions and at even higher temperatures in dry conditions. SÄKAPHEN® catalytic...
  • Surface Treatment

    Due to their excellent product quality when it comes to coatings, SÄKAPHEN® was commissioned to develop a truly effective cleaning system for high voltage insulators...

  • ISO Tank Container

    SÄKAPHEN® coats insulated ISO Tank containers and big process vessels with approved SÄKAPHEN® heat cured coatings...


    SÄKAPHEN® is a 3rd generation family-owned company which stands for excellent quality and premium coating systems. SÄKAPHEN® distinguishes itself through its individual coating solutions for customer-specific requirements. The SÄKAPHEN® cleaning system completes the product range.

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    The SÄKAPHEN® laboratory continuously carries out resistance tests, refines its coating materials and develops new products. SÄKAPHEN® therefore stands for excellent quality in corrosion protection since 1954.

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    Competent SÄKAPHEN® expert advisers will help you to find a solution to the challenges you face when it comes to corrosion protection. The SÄKAPHEN® laboratory will carry out appropriate resistance tests to provide a tailor-made solution for both the coating material and the application solution.
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SÄKAPHEN® is your partner for perfect corrosion protection. Application solutions, custom made, high-quality materials and application know-how since 1954 - this is what distinguished SÄKAPHEN®.

Take advantage of the benefits, if everything comes from a single source: From the development of coating materials, the preparation of the coating solution and finally the application.

The competent SÄKAPHEN® consultants will be happy to analyse your challenge in corrosion protection. The SÄKAPHEN® laboratory performs appropriate resistance tests to offer you a tailor made coating solution.

You have a corrosion problem? SÄKAPHEN® has the solution!

The competent SÄKAPHEN® consultants perform both assessments at your site, as well as remote diagnosis on the basis of pictures, drawings and technical information provided. Based on decades of experience in this area (since 1954) we will create a detailed damage analysis SÄKAPHEN® with appropriate, individualized solutions.

If necessary, a modification of our coating systems can be done in collaboration with the laboratory to meet your very individual needs.

Technical support inquiry

The SÄKAPHEN® laboratory conducts on-going resistance test, improves existing coating materials and develops new products. This is why SÄKAPHEN® stands for excellent quality corrosion protection since 1954.

In its own laboratory SÄKAPHEN® conducts on-going resistance test to develop the best possible coating systems. These we use for individually tailored coating solutions to meet our customer needs.

The SÄKAPHEN® business goal is the lasting quality of our coating materials and their continuous development and refinement.

Important pillar of SÄKAPHEN® corporate structure is research and development in our business and professional adaptation of our products to technical and legal requirements.