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SÄKAPHEN® is a leading manufacturer of and application expert for high quality coatings on various substrates: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, concrete and many more.

SÄKAPHEN® represents high quality, long-term operational reliability and excellent cost effectiveness.

SÄKAPHEN® is the best alternative for metallurgy options such as stainless steel or copper nickel when corrosion resistance is needed.

SÄKAPHEN® stops corrosion, fouling and incrustation thanks to its high quality and thus guarantees operational safety.

SÄKAPHEN® guarantees maximum cost effectiveness due to increased operational efficiency, reduced follow-up costs and a maintained asset value.

SÄKAPHEN® coating materials are made of duroplastic mixes of polymers based their own formulations. They are multi-layer applied by self-developed flooding or spraying technology.

SÄKAPHEN® coatings are divided into 2 product lines:

  • Heat-cured coatings (workshop application)

  • Cold-cured coatings (workshop and on-site application)

  • Head-Cured Coatings

    SÄKAPHEN® heat-cured coatings offer high-end corrosion protection against aggressive mediums even at high temperatures. SÄKAPHEN®...
  • Cold-Cured Coatings

    SÄKAPHEN® catalytic two component coatings offer excellent protection against aggressive acidic and alkaline chemicals...
  • Examples of use

    A few application examples sorted by coating system.