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SÄKAPHEN® SÄKATONIT® Extra AR is a superior hydrophobic mechanically durable two-component epoxy-based coating.

The coating is chemically resistant to all types of water, including brackish, river and sea water as well as deionized water, various substances ranging from acidic to strongly alkaline, inorganic salts and their solutions, fuels, acidic aqueous solutions and concentrated hydrochloric acid.

The surface is hard elastic, abrasion and impact-resistant with hydrophobic properties and prevents caking, fouling and incrustation.

The coating can be applied on-site. Weather-resistant.

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Fields of application:


For the coating of tube sheets, pipe work and prover loops, spill boxes, water boxes, blower-, fan- and compressor-housings, tanks, vessels, inside of filters, valves and agitators. Certain surface imperfections can be covered up by thickness of applied material.



SÄKAPHEN® Coating SÄKATONIT® Extra AR - Product Data

Properties - Cold Cured Duroplast Coating
Resin base - Amine cured Epoxy system
Cure Mechanism - Cold Cured Duroplast Coating
Quantity of components - 2
Color - Anthracite
Surface - Glossy
pH Range pH 1 - 13
Wet Film Thickness per layer µm 250
Total dry film thickness µm 500 (chemical resistance) 1500 (mechanical resistance)
Coverage approx. kg/m²/DFT 4,4 / m² / 1500µm
Surface Preparation Sa SA2 ½ - SA 3
Surface Profile µm 100
Temperature resistance dry (dry air oven) °C -20°C to +120°C
Temperature resistance wet (water) °C -20°C to 70°C
Resistance to water vapor diffusion °C ≤ ∆T 30°C
Overcoating Waiting Time hours/23°C 8-24
Chemical Curing days 7-10
Linear Thermal Expansion µm n/a
Pore testing Volts 5000
Pendulum hardness acc. to König 6° sec 132
Shore D Hardness Shore D 83
Adhesion Test N/mm² [MPa] > 20
Salt spray test hours n/a
Impact Strength mm (1 kg) 1000
Surface smoothness (Ra) µm Ø 3 readings 0,72
Surface tension mN/m >28 <35
Abrasion resistance mg/1000 r. under examination
Crosscut class 0
Heat conductivity Ø 12,7x2,0mm on C-Steel with 67,37 w/mK W/mK n/a