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Two component repair material for SÄKAPHEN® Si 14 EG. Red, matt.

SÄKAPHEN® Si 14 EG/RE is the Two Pack Repair Material for SÄKAPHEN® Si 14 EG. The coating is resistant to water vapor diffusion (ΔT 85 °C). The coating is chemically resistant to all types of water, including brackish, river and sea water, various substances ranging from sour to strongly alkaline.

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SÄKAPHEN® Coating Si 14 EG/RE - Product Data

Properties - Cold Cured Duroplast Coating
Resin base - Amine cured Epoxy system
Cure Mechanism - Cold Cured Duroplast Coating
Quantity of components - 2
Color - Dark brown
Surface - MATT
pH Range pH 4 - 12
wet coating thickness in 1 layer µm 150
Total dry film thickness µm 300-350
Coverage at 1000µm approx. kg/m²/DFT 1,6 kg / m² / 350µm
Surface Preparation Sa SA2 ½ - SA 3
Surface Profile µm 40 - 60 µm
Temperature resistance dry (dry air oven) °C -20°C to +100°C
Temperature resistance wet (water) °C -20°C to +100°C
Resistance to water vapor diffusion °C ≤ ∆T 85°C
Overcoating Waiting Time hours/23°C 12-48
Chemical Curing days 8
Linear Thermal Expansion µm n/a
Pore testing Volts 67,5
Pendulum hardness acc. to König 6° sec 63
Shore D Hardness Shore D 84
Adhesion Test N/mm² [MPa] > 8
Salt spray test hours n/a
Impact Strength mm (1 kg) 1000
Surface smoothness (Ra) µm Ø 3 readings 2,18
Surface tension mN/m >35 <38
Abrasion resistance mg/1000 r. under examination
Crosscut class 1
Heat conductivity Ø 12,7x2,0mm on C-Steel with 67,37 w/mK W/mK n/a