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SÄKAPHEN® heat-cured coatings offer high-end corrosion protection against all sorts of aggressive mediums. SÄKAPHEN® guarantees excellent protection against strongly acidic and strongly alkaline mediums, especially at high temperatures. SÄKAPHEN® heat cured coatings are only applied by SÄKAPHEN® in Gladbeck, Germany and by its international licensees.

SÄKAPHEN® heat-cured coatings offer excellent protection against aggressive alkaline and acidic chemicals. This applies for the gas phase as well as the immersion phase. SÄKAPHEN® heat-cured coatings are based on phenolic and phenolic epoxy resins combinations. They are hydrophobic and resistant to water vapour diffusion. SÄKAPHEN® heat-cured coatings offer an extremely high chemical resistance at temperatures above 120°C and are not susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations. SÄKAPHEN® heat-cured coatings prevent incrustation and fouling and thus reduce investment and maintenance costs. Heat-cured coatings are applied in workshops.



Investitions- und Instandhaltungskosten am Beispiel eines Wärmetauschers
(150 Rohre 25x1,5 x 6.000mm) über 8 Jahre

SÄKAPHEN® offers the following types of coatings: