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Company founded as Säureschutz Rhein Ruhr by Senator Hubert Salmen, focusing on corrosion protection against aggressive/corrosive mediums. Experiments with phenolic resins proved their excellent resistance against acidic mediums. An alternative for expensive alloys was discovered.




Establishing business relations with the first licensees abroad in Austria and the United Kingdom. Since then the international licensee networks have continued to grow.




Company renamed SÄKAPHEN® by the owner. SÄKAPHEN® is the abbreviation for SÄ = SÄURE (acid), KA = alkalisch (alkaline), PH = pH-Wert (pH value), (PH)EN = phenol.




Development of the SÄKAPHEN® cleaning system for high voltage insulators. First customer was the VEW Dortmund, a local energy supplier.




SÄKAPHEN® purchased by Babcock Borsig. Babock Borsig was a close neighbour of SÄKAPHEN® in Gladbeck and also a good customer of the company, so Senator Salmen felt he had found a suitable successor to lead the company on to further development and success.



SÄKAPHEN® sold to the Fischer-Zernin family and other share holders. Dr. Lars Fischer-Zernin, former managing director of Borsig in Berlin recognized the great potential of SÄKAPHEN® . A systematic expansion in the field of application methods was achieved through targeted research and development. Since 1990 the Fischer-Zernin family has been the sole owner of SÄKAPHEN®.


since 2009

Continuation of SÄKAPHEN® by the 2nd and 3rd generation of the Fischer-Zernin family including further development of coating materials and systematic development of the international licensee network.



New cooperation in Norway and Malaysia. Opening of a licensed application workshop in India.


Re-opening of the application work shop in Gladbeck.