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High-quality SÄKAPHEN® products are used in many different industries. Thanks to their high resistance against strongly acidic and strongly alkaline mediums, the heat-cured and cold-cured SÄKAPHEN® products can be used in extremely versatile ways.

The SÄKAPHEN® cleaning system for high-voltage insulators is also suitable for numerous applications in the industrial sector.

To give you an insight into the range of applications available for SÄKAPHEN® products, you will find a short list of industries and applications that have been relying SÄKAPHEN® quality for decades.

  • Plant operators

    The maintenance departments of plant operators have relied on durable coating and repair solutions from SÄKAPHEN® for decades.
  • Engineering Companies

    Engineering Companies from all over the world rely on SÄKAPHEN® and its licensees for their expert know-how when heavy-duty corrosion protection is required.
  • Equipment manufacturers

    Equipment manufacturers prolong the life span of their products by using SÄKAPHEN®.
  • Applicator

    For on-site application, processor rely on the quality and excellent processability of cold-cured SÄKAPHEN® coating material.
  • Offshore

    Offshore operators rely on SÄKAPHEN® coatings, for example when coating separators.
  • Onshore Refining

    In refineries SÄKAPHEN® coating technology makes it possible to use cost-efficient steels instead of alloys where there is exposure to aggressive mediums and hydrocarbons.
  • Petro-Chemical Companies

    In the chemical and petrochemical industry there are various fields of application for SÄKAPHEN® coatings: Heat exchangers, condensers and process vessels.
  • Transportation

    Transportation companies across the globe rely on SÄKAPHEN® coatings due to their high resistance against many aggressive mediums allowing an extremely versatile use of the transportation vessels.
  • Power Plants

    In power plants, there are various fields of application for SÄKAPHEN® coatings: Heat exchangers, hot water tanks and process vessels, water chambers and tube sheets.
  • Sugar Industry

    The sugar industry uses SÄKAPHEN® coatings as wear protection and protection against chemical corrosion.
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