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Railway Infrastructure:

The mechanical cleaning effect combined with sealing to protected against re-contamination is one advantage over conventional liquid detergents for customers. This can save on cleaning and maintenance costs. The level of contamination depends on traffic volume. In urban areas, the savings effect when using the SÄKAPHEN® SAEKA-Cleaning Paste are very significant.

In railway infrastructure the main fields of application are:

  • Rail infrastructure:
    Cleaning the glass surfaces of signal lights and  enamel signs which are contaminated by brake dust and rust caused by iron wearing off. The SAEKA-Cleaning Paste is also used for cleaning thermoplastic plastic surfaces.

  • Maintenance of locomotives and railcars:
    Electrical insulators on the roofs of locomotives and railcars are moving targets for every kind of persistent dirt. The SAEKA-Cleaning Paste used in conjunction with the SAEKA-Silicone Grease cleans and seals insulators, allowing for failure-free rail traffic.

  • High-voltage networks:
    The high-voltage networks of the national railways have the same requirements as the electricity industry. Our cleaning products can be put to appropriate and effective in this area.